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Pick your new puppy today. Our next litter is due very soon. Our puppies come from excellent breeding lines & they make wonderful pets and companions. Take a look at the pups we have available.

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A New Member in the Family
Before purchasing a puppy from V.I.P Chihuahuas remember that you are not buying an item that will just sit there in the living room. Your new puppy will become part of your family and they need a lot of love and attention. The life span of any living thing is unpredictable. However, a healthy life span is about 12 to 16 human years. All sales are final as is. All of our puppies come with current vaccinations and are dewormed, and are given a full health examination by a state licensed veterinarian. This certifies that the puppy is healthy at the time of sale. If you have any questions, please contact me anytime (I am available 24 hours a day). You may contact me by phone or email: (915) 858-5002 or email.

72 Hour Return Policy

We want you to fell comfortable and have piece of mind that you are adopting a healthy and beautiful puppy.  We provide our customers a chance to take their new puppy to their own licensed veterinarian to get a full check up before committing to keep the puppy.  All our customers have 72 hours ones the puppy is received to take the puppy to get checked by a licensed veterinarian.  If for any reason you or your veterinarian find that the puppy is not in good health or you feel the puppy is not what you were really looking for.  We will refund 100% of your money except for the shipping cost of $250.00 

Health Genetic Guarantee

V.I.P. Chihuahua provides a health genetic guarantee on all our puppies up to one year of age.  The health genetic guarantee will protect you in the event that your new pup becomes ill because of a genetic defect.  We will request documentation from a licensed veterinarian on the health genetic issues.  The terms of our health genetic guarantee will guarantee you a replacement puppy of equal or lesser value of the original purchase price.  No money will be refundable.

Shipping Information
The cost to ship your new puppy within the United States is $250.00. The airline used by V.I.P Chihuahuas is Continental Airlines. You may need to travel to the nearest airport to pick up your puppy. The $250.00 cover the following costs:
1. Proper plastic crate
2. Air Fare
3. Food
4. Water
5. Blanket
6. Insurance
7. Toy

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