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V.I.P. Chihuahua is a successful experienced breeder of purebred Chihuahuas. We have some of the smallest and most beautiful Chihuahuas in the nation.  Every litter of puppies is very special to us. We try our best to put every puppy in a home where it will be loved and properly taken care of.

My name is Eva and I was born and raised in Chihuahua, Mexico, a city rich in cultural, history, and prosperity. When I was two years old we moved to Ciudad Juarez, a city across the border from El Paso separated by the Rio Grande. Ciudad Juarez is about three hours from the Sierra de Chihuahua where it is said the Chihuahua breed's legend originated. At that point my mother had a deep affection for the breed. I grew up around this charming breed and was fascinated by their small size and features. Their variety in color, size, and characters has made them very unique around the world. It also amazes me how well they can adapt to any situation.

It was 25 years ago I decided to specialize myself by breeding the Chihuahua. Due to the dogs' unique size and colors, my breeding became very popular around the city of Chihuahua and brought me humble success.

At V.I.P Chihuahua, we take pride in breeding the smallest dog in the world. Our breeding success of more than 50 years, combined between my mother and I, has brought us many joys and great satisfaction. The success of breeding in the United States has given us the opportunity to show Chihuahua enthusiasts here the quality breeding we are capable of.

We are proud to say that we breed some of the most beautiful and healthier Chihuahuas in the nation. The personalized service we offer gives clients the sense of being part of our family. Our customers are every bit as special to us as a new born puppy. That's why our breeding of the smallest dogs in the world is so important to V.I.P. Chihuahua.

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